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INGO Kohat Jobs


Experience: 1 to 2 years
Job Location: Kohat
Country: Pakistan
Positions: 8
Job Type: Full Time
Department / Job Category: Healthcare and Safety
Last Date: 18 August, 2013

Major Responsibilities:
  • Responsible to implement therapeutic care as per standardized therapeutic guidelines and should follow one drug disease policy.
  • Responsible to provide curative care for children, women and men on the recommended weekly schedule.
  • Identifies high-risk cases and diseases not curable at BHU level and insures an effective and timely referral to hospital.
  • Responsible to diagnose and treat TB cases according to TB DOTS guidelines.
  • Ensures that relevant health education is carried out on the use/misuse of drugs in accordance with patients’ situation.
  • Responsible for cases needing emergency coverage and referral.
  • Responsible for randomly checks and treatment of malaria positive cases.
  • Responsible to work as PHS team member according to the schedule provided.
  • Ensure that aseptic techniques are used for all dressing, injections, inspections and examinations and all minor surgeries like drainage of abscess, etc are carried out under his strict supervisions.
  • Should be trained to implement, manage and monitor community based PHC.
  • Should be aware of their and other staffs ‘roles on it.
  • Responsible to implement and manage mother and child care activities, RH, EPI, control of diarrhoeal disease, respiratory infections, TB and malarial control and sanitation through participation in these programs and ensuring effective staff activities and involvement. Identifies staff training needs during BHU work and field trips and report to office and arrange training’s/workshop for them.
  • Provides adequate training (after attending workshop) to paramedical staff in health programs based on standard guideline such as Acute Respiratory Infection, Control of Disease, Mother Child Health, Expanded program of Immunization, Primary Eye Care etc.
  • Ensures that all programmatic issues are discussed with Associate Director and actively participate in planning and projection sessions.
  • Ensures that a good standard of cleanness /sanitation is maintained in the work area and in the target area of camps by all personnel under his supervision.
  • Responsible for all staff working in BHU. He will ensure that staff are working effectively and regularly and reports any irregularities if found to Program Administrative and /or immediate supervisor in following up policy, rules and regulations.
  • Checks all BHU records and documents regularly. He will ensure that all the staff at the health unit has recorded their monthly reports effectively.
  • To maintain a friendly and good working relation with staff and community.
  • To access and analyze the situation initially in the case of emergencies such as out-breaks and epidemics and report the matter to implement proper and timely interventions.
  • Ensures that all equipment is in good condition and all inventories are properly listed and physically present.

Skills Required:

For the post of Medical Officer a recognized MD/MBBS Degree Registered with PMDC registration and at least one year experience is considered necessary.
The medical officer should have team leadership qualities, good interpersonal and communication skills. He/She should be flexible, committed and dedicated. 

Good English, Urdu and Pushto are essential.

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